Welcome to exploring reality.

A podcast by two guys on the search for a more objective view on life.

Reality is complex. Whereas science provides us with endless knowledge about nature and ourselves, it's hard to connect all the dots. Why? A big reason is perception. No two people see things the same way.

We discuss the topics that influence our perception, from cognitive biases and thought patterns, to systems thinking and mass psychology.

Each episode we focus on one theme we've found to be significant in our life. We'll dance around this theme by connecting it with personal experiences, global events, and insightful resources. The idea is to provide you with some mental models and enough associations that you can define your own reality for each theme.
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Season One

1. Welcome to Exploring Reality

In this first episode Beirem and Kosta lay down the foundations for the project, giving the origin story plus some context on what to expect in season one. We cover some of the key concepts we will be coming back to throughout the coming episodes like System I and II, important cognitive biases and foundational neuroscience.

2. Personal Transformative Experiences

This episode is all about transformative experiences and how they can rewire the brain and change our sense of identity. Beirem and Kosta look back at their lives and discuss moments where that helped shape their lives and beliefs. They go from the impact of being immigrants to their relationships with parents to karate World Championships.

3. Books for the Brain

Every nerd loves a good book, especially a brain book. In this episode Beirem and Kosta got through their bookshelves and review and discuss their favourite books on psychology, behavioural economics, neuroscience and more.

4. Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness has spread across the western world like wildfire in recent years, together with a broader set of modern Buddhist philosophies. Beirem and Kosta talk about their own journeys with mindfulness as well as some of the underlaying science and research to the effects it has on the mind and body.

5. Making Sense of the News

The news has become a merchant of chaos, drip feeding cortisol (and sometimes dopamine) non stop 24 hours a day. Beirem and Kosta discuss the origins of the news, how fits into the evolutionary biology and the role social media has started playing in all this as well.

6. Belief Systems

Belief systems are like the OS for our identity, they start being built when we are children and often we are unaware of them. Beirem and Kosta deep-dive into some of their own personal belief systems and how they have gone around trying to change and augment some of their behaviours and identity.

7. Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a gladiator sport and with it comes many trials and tribulations. Beirem and Kosta walk through some of the highlights and lowlights of their entrepreneurial journey and discuss some of the lessons they have learnt in their journey.

Brought to you by...

Beirem Ben Barrah

Co-founder @ Neurofied

Neuroscience nerd and karate champion. Obsessed with kicking around ideas, books and generally being a badass.

Kosta Kolev

Serial Entrepreneur & Product Person

Startup operator and product growth guy. Obsessed with growth, meditation and generally being a smartass.